Modern rustic modular crates
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How to fix the crates together and to walls:

Take great care when fixing into walls to avoid cables and pipes that may be buried. The wall structure will determine the type of wall plugs and fixings you use, because of the many variants and liabilities we do not supply wall fixings. Fixing into masonry walls or the timber in stud walls creates the most secure base. Stud walls are less stable, therefore we advise to be cautious with the object on display. 

We provide screws for fixing the crates together and be aware you will need a drill and advise using using a spirit level. We suggest you take skilled local advise taking into account the wall in question. 

What if I want different colours, extra shelves or just design my own combination?

Go to our 'build you own' page for adding extra items, you'll also have to use this page if you're wanting a different pallet of colours or crates. It you're not sure please give us a call.

What happens once I've placed my order:

Our lead time is three weeks, we will send a email a few days before dispatching your order firming up on details. Please check the delivery address given, make us aware if there are any delivery restrictions and lastly give us forty-eight hours notice if you to rearrange. 

 Are the shelves adjustable:

We offer either wooden or glass shelves, they are hung on steel pins which can be adjusted at 32mm spacings.