Modern rustic modular crates
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Free standing crates. Grain025


Flexible rustic cubes for loads of uses around the home and office spaces. Free standing stacking crates used here for show your home accessories: 

The main image is made up of the following crates:

Triple 400 x 400mm no back 2 (1 antique oak, 1 nut brown)
 Triple 400 x 400mm with back 2 (antique oak)
Triple 400 x 400mm with door 2 (1 military, 1 antique oak)
Triple glass shelf 368 x 295mm
Stacking crate 300 x 300mm 2 (1 chalk white, 1 nut brown)
Long crate shelf 2 (military gray)


Our crate are available in three depths; single 10cm, double 20cm and triple 30cm, there's options of open backed and with doors. They are offered in a number of colours and your have the option of glass or wooden and various inserts. You've got lots of scope for building really interesting and flexible combinations.

Go to 'build your own' for specifying your own combination. 

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