Modern rustic modular crates
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Mug Cabinet



Rustic crate gallery for small collectables, look great for displaying and organising pottery and mugs. Cubby hole spaces 115 x 115mm. 

800mm high x 1200mm wide x 210mm deep


Triple 400 x 400mm with back

1 (military grey)

Double 400 x 400mm with door

1 (military grey)

Single 400 x 400mm with back

1 (nut brown)

Single 400 x 400mm no back

1 (charcoal)

Single board wooden shelf 264 x 95mm

2 (1 military grey, 1 charcoal)

Single board glass 264 x 95mm

1 (glass)
Wine inserts 1 (military grey)


Wall fixing will be required.